chiralize me

so i was facetiming last night. and i couldn’t help sneaking peaks at myself on-screen. partly because i’m vain, but mostly because i noticed something peculiar.

i look super awkward. i’ve always disliked being filmed and photographed, but i never really thought about it. now i know why.

you see, i don’t usually carry on conversations with myself…so i don’t see my expressions and quirks in action. when i see the weird tendencies that i have and faces that i make, it makes me uncomfortable. 

which got me to thinkering. mainly about this short i listened to a while back on radiolab.

let me tell you about radiolab. i’ve recommended this gem before, but it’s worth mentioning again (and again). that’s how good it is. if you haven’t yet, i implore you to listen to a few episodes. if you’re even an eighth of the nerd that i am, you’ll be hooked. i promise. 

anyhoo, in short (eh heh…), jad and robert chat a bit about chirality [ki-ral-i-tee]. of molecules and, uh, people. the way we are used to seeing ourselves (in a mirror) is deceptive. we’re flipped…or if you want to be fancy, “laterally inverted”. (more on this)<-really cool article

so it makes sense that we look a bit funky to ourselves on film. we’re seeing ourselves the way the world sees us. 

after gettin all geeked out with the molecule business, they talk about this mirror image phenomena. one dude swears his life immediately improved when he had this realization and made a simple change: the way he parted his hair. 

after looking at this, i think said dude might be onto something. so i decided to test his theory for myself. notice anything different about me today?…